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Boston judge grants police body camera authority

November 2, 2016

Superior Court Judge Wilkins ruled that the Police Commissioner has the authority to order officers to wear body cameras, which overrules a requested injunction from a police union. In his ruling, Judge Wilkins highlighted a state law […]


Taunton boat crash leaves one dead, two injured

November 1, 2016

The Bristol County District Attorney’s office has reported that a New Hampshire man died after a boat crash while taking part in a contest at Watson Pond in Taunton. According to the report, there were injuries to two […]

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Cuban government calls on US to do more on economy

November 2, 2016

The Cuban government has requested the US do more to ease pressure on Cuba’s economic situation given the improved relations between Washington and Havana. According to a Cuban government source, US sanctions cost Cuba $4.6 bn over the […]